Neal Asbury to Join President Barack Obama & Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner as a Guest Speaker at the 2010 Ex-Im Bank Annual Conference.

Neal Asbury has been invited to speak at the 2010 Ex-Im Bank Annual Conference, which will feature a wide variety of prominent public figures including the President of the United States, Barack Obama. The theme of this year’s conference, which is being held March 11th and 12th, is “EXPORTS LIVE! Powering Jobs, Sales and Profits Through Exports.” In addition to guest speaker President Obama and Neal Asbury, the conference will feature Secretary of Treasury Timothy Geithner, The Honorable Fred P. Hochberg, Chairman of the Export-Import Bank of the United States, Jeffrey R. Immelt, Chairman and CEO of GE, and Secretary of Energy Steven Chu as well as several other influential individuals. The title of Neal’s presentation is appropriately named “Greater Profits Through Exports: Small... Read More

Sandbagging the Tea Baggers

When loyal Americans gathered in 1776 to demand a government that was responsive to the citizenry, they were called Patriots. Today, when loyal Americans gather to demand that their government be responsive to their wishes, they are called “crazies” or worse. The Tea Party movement has galvanized millions of Americans but it has also galvanized a small but powerful group of government and media representatives that demonize average citizens who just want their government to listen to their desires and stop interfering in their lives. On The Neal Asbury Show, I recently had as a guest Andrew Langer, President of the Institute for Liberty, an advocacy organization dedicated to “fighting the petty tyrannies of government and protecting America’s right to be free.” Langer’s group... Read More

Let’s Run America Like A Business

A recurring theme on The Neal Asbury Show is that my guests point to the obvious lack of business prowess among our leaders in Washington.  Can we really expect leaders who have never had to make payroll or pay for healthcare benefits to pass laws about these very policies?  Should we expect leaders who have never been involved in the manufacturing or export of products and services to appreciate the value of Free Trade Agreements?  Most importantly, if you have never been accountable for managing the P&L of a company operating within a responsible budget that allows an organization to remain economically viable, how can one understand the dangers of the suffocating deficits that are now so commonplace in our government? A recent guest on my show posed this: “Is there a Board of Directors... Read More

Invisible Jobs and Shadow Unemployment

Following the Obama Administration’s proclamation that jobs are being created is like being a Ghost Buster – we are chasing invisible jobs! If there are 640,000 new jobs created under the stimulus package, as the Obama Administration contends, then they must be in the witness protection program. The latest labor figures from The Wall Street Journal suggest that if we factor in December’s loss of 85,000 jobs, then between December 2007 (when the recession began) and December 2009, there were 7.2 million fewer jobs. The paper further reports “A broader measure of unemployment, including those who have quit job hunting as well as those working part time because they cannot find full-time work, remained about the same at 17.3 percent in December from 17.2 percent in November.” In addition... Read More

Exporting Gets a Charge

With sales sluggish early this year, Ariel Ozick took a gamble. The CEO of a Newark, Del., search marketing firm, Ozick began looking for new clients in Ireland, England, Scotland and Australia. Though he recognized the challenges of working abroad, which include everything from complying with international tax laws to the vagaries of currency exchanges, Ozick needed the new business. There have already been some bumps. While the 16-nation euro-zone, which includes Ireland, began pulling itself out of the recession in the third quarter, the U.K.’s economy shrunk 0.4%. Still, there has been enough new business for Ozick’s firm, Wired Rhino, that the CEO feels he’s achieved his goal. “We wanted to diversify our revenue streams and be less dependent on one country’s... Read More

Tough Enough

Are you tough enough? As an American Entrepreneur and small business owner I have asked this question of myself countless times over the past twenty-five years. I still do. I equate this toughness with the concept of “conscientious equity”. “Conscientious” because it is right. “Equity” because we all have ownership in doing the right thing. Yet, through some selfless mentoring by people who practiced conscientious equity by tapping into their mental toughness the hard way – in the trenches of trade — they imparted to me the humility and humanity that has kept me plowing ahead at life’s most difficult crossroads. When it would have been easier to give up rather than face the challenges that beset all entrepreneurs, I recalled the life lessons that still guide me today.... Read More

A Call to Action

One of the overriding principles of a Democracy is the power of its citizenry to change the course of their country when they believe that it is heading in the wrong direction. That time has come for America. Amer icans can no longer s i t idly by as a few individual s take the country down a road that is diminishing its global and domestic leadership even as the average American is increasingly feeling powerless to change course. It is time for all Americans to become engaged in America’s future! Now there is a power ful outlet for you to let your voice heard. The Neal Asbury Show empowers every citizen by giving them an outlet to share their ideas and shape the course of a nation! It’s called: TAKE ACTION! TAKE ACTION! is a groundbreaking concept. It allows you to get involved by tapping... Read More

Rep. Tom Price on Healthcare

Physicians leaving the medical practice en masse, higher taxes to support a $1 trillion bill, and taking away the freedom of choice to seek care for you and your family. This nightmare scenario is on a path to becoming reality and unless Americans like us stand up for our country, this is the harsh certainty we will face. In the words of Representative Tom Price, the current health care legislation will “destroy health care in this nation.” Don’t believe it? Representative Price makes a pretty good argument, so watch for yourself…  Read More

Obama Takes Aim at Private Insurance

Not long ago, President Obama was a proponent of a single payer health care system.  Today, he says he supports both a public and private option.  On such an important issue we can not afford to have ambiguity.  Is Obama setting himself up for an eventual single payer health care system? Is his goal to ultimately eliminate private health insurance?  You be the judge…  Read More

Alan Grayson: Is Anyone Minding…

Many Americans mistakenly believe the trillions of dollars to pay for the Obama administration’s unprecedented and historic government intervention, entitlements and social welfare is securely stashed away in a big safe somewhere in Washington. There is no vault and there is no cash; there is only “vapor paper” being created out of thin air. The Obama deficits are already projected to be more than $11 trillion or roughly equal to our entire national debt over our 233 year history; and he has barely gotten started. Since the sheer amount of this debt is so monumental, there will not be enough buyers at the Treasury auctions to absorb it. The Fed will be forced to buy its own paper. The U.S. Government seems to think they can solve our debt problem by creating more debt. Monetizing... Read More