Could George Washington Be Elected President in 2012?

With an angry, dispirited electorate looking to undermine the candidates of both parties even George Washington would have a hard time getting elected. I recently read some biographical information about George Washington and wondered how he would have fared in our current contentious congress and negative media coverage. He had several advantages: a lack of a 24-hour news cycle, no talk shows, a small group of eligible voters, and a reputation earned as the general of the Continental Army that defeated the British and set the stage for America’s independence. There’s a reason he is considered “The Father of our Country” and the “American Moses.” Much of it had to do with his size and presence, charisma, courage, character, and temperament. But even back then pundits sniped that... Read More

The Damage Done in Losing Another Friend

After years of negotiating the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement and an unprecedented move by Colombia to comply with a mumble-jumble of shifting American demands, President Barack Obama has sadly kept the U.S.-Colombia relation in a “deep freeze.” While Obama never fails to bend to the whims of American trade unions that see trade agreements as a threat instead of an opportunity, Colombia has rightfully lost patience with the U.S. This, after both countries originally signed the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement in 2006 in a deal that once signified the preeminence of democracy and free enterprise. The agreement would immediately create much needed well-paying U.S. jobs as tariffs on U.S. exports to Colombia would vanish overnight. Unfortunately, we continue to live in a time warp of... Read More

Obama, Unions Are Holding US Jobs Hostage

As recently as April, it looked like President Barack Obama was ready to make good on his promise to double exports in five years. American trade unions, besieged and reeling from rapidly diminishing public support, appeared to be falling into line by removing their objections to three pending trade agreements with Colombia, Panama and South Korea. Obama made an incredible about-face and even praised these agreements that were originally signed by the Bush administration. He seemed to be finally setting aside raw partisan politics. There was recognition that these agreements would create thousands of good-paying American jobs, revive small businesses, and bring billions of revenue. It looked like the signing pen was in hand providing a brief moment for celebration as Democrats and Republicans... Read More

‘Made in America’ Will Build Jobs in Great Comeback

For those pessimists who believe America has lost its global leadership in manufacturing and China is destined to dominate the world market, it’s time for them to eat a little crow. In fact, some economists are predicting that by 2015, the fully loaded costs involved in operating a manufacturing facility in the United States won’t only match that of China, but will actually be less costly and far more efficient. China’s reliance on cheap labor is about to hit a great brick wall. Pay for factory workers in China has soared by nearly 70 percent between 2005 and 2010. Assuming that Chinese wages continue to rise at about 20 percent a year while U.S. salaries stay constant, American labor will be a bargain. There is already a steady shift of American manufacturers opting out of moving... Read More

Economic War Games: Coming Full Circle

It is ironic that as the U.S. Congress and public are starting to seriously re-evaluate the billions of dollars we send overseas for foreign aid and assistance, it was exactly 50 years ago that the 1961 Foreign Assistance Act was passed. The act was in response to the need to set parameters when supplying aid to developing countries. It was an outgrowth of the post-World War II Marshall Plan which found the U.S. rebuilding the very countries we had just conquered during the war. While Eisenhower tried to scale back foreign aid, his initiative came to a halt when a new Democratic president, John F. Kennedy, was elected. The incoming Kennedy administration made reorganization of and recommitment to, foreign assistance a top priority. It was thought that to renew support for foreign assistance... Read More

Where There Are Jobs, There Are Votes

While the Republican presidential candidate field has yet to gel, CNN’s Republican debate this week drew 3.162 million total viewers including a wide audience of younger voters, according to Nielsen Fast National data. There is building momentum for the Republican Party, even if some of this interest is coming from voters who subscribe to the “Anybody But Obama” doctrine. So why isn’t the Republican Party seizing this golden opportunity? It is time to get the message out that the GOP understands the mess this country is in and has a sound plan to get us back on track. Attacks on President Barack Obama will continue and accelerate but it is solutions people are looking for. Only 45,000 jobs were created in the private sector last month. That is pathetic and woefully below what we need... Read More

CEO Neal Asbury is an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year 2011 Florida Award Finalist

CEO Neal Asbury is an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year 2011 Florida Award Finalist

Weston, FL,  May 16 – The Legacy Companies  today announced that CEO Neal Asbury is an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2011 Florida Award finalist. According to Ernst & Young LLP, the awards program recognizes entrepreneurs who demonstrate excellence and extraordinary success in such areas as innovation, financial performance and personal commitment to their businesses and communities. Neal Asbury was selected as a finalist from nearly 100 nominations by a panel of independent judges. Award recipients will be announced at a special gala event on Thursday, June 16 at the Omni Orlando Resort at ChampionsGate. “I am honored to be recognized for this prestigious honor.   Throughout my career I have advocated on behalf of entrepreneurs in Florida and across the country because... Read More

Concerened Educators Doing Their Best

Concerened Educators Doing Their Best

I recently addressed 50 high school students from East Islip, New York. Their teachers went out of their way to set up a meeting with me so I could address them on real world circumstances and opportunities. I told them to reach out into the unknown and conquer their fears. To go out into the world and build their entrepreneurial dreams. By doing so they would create a better future for themselves and our country. I commend these fine educators for preparing their students for the world as it exists. It is great to know that we have educators willing to go the extra mile for their students and to provide for them meaningful encounters that will hopefully inspire them so they can find their American Dream. Our children are our future and our educators are indispensible in keeping America strong,... Read More

Obama Can’t Get Re-elected Without the Jewish Vote Read more: Obama Can’t Get Re-elected Without the Jewish Vote

With his stunning denouncement of Israel and his call for Israel to move back to pre-1967 borders as an American objective in restarting the stalled Israeli and Palestinian peace talks, President Barack Obama has alienated Israelis, and more importantly, American Jewish voters. The truth is that the Jewish vote does matter. Though the Jewish population in the United States is roughly six million (about 2.3 percent of the total U.S. population), 89 percent live in 12 key Electoral College states. These states have enough electoral votes to elect a president. Therefore, a shift in the Jewish vote can have a dramatic impact on the outcome of presidential elections. By example, a Democrat candidate cannot be elected president without carrying New York. Since Orthodox Jewish voters, heavily concentrated... Read More

Russia Joining WTO is Mixed Blessing for US Read more: Russia Joining WTO is Mixed Blessing for US

The Group of Eight (G-8) leaders are moving forward on allowing Russia to join the World Trade Organization (WTO). This will have mixed results for the U.S. U.S. exports to Russia could double to $19 billion after Russia joins the WTO. But U.S. exporters could lose sales in Russia if Congress refuses to grant “permanent normal trade relations” (PNTR) to keep pressure on Moscow to improve its human rights record or address other concerns, according to the Peterson Institute for International Economics. This topic isn’t getting much attention. However, the United States has an obligation to demand its trading partners measure up to certain standards if we are ever to make this world a better place. Along with our constitution and democracy, the U.S. economy is our greatest achievement. As... Read More