Edwin Black: Characterizes China as the New Fulcrum for Energy

Best Selling Author Edwin Black Characterizes China as the New Fulcrum for Energy in the World

Asbury opened the show by noting that China’s President Hu’s attitude during his visit to the U.S. is as the senior partner in the China/U.S. relationship. In fact, Hu made no bones about his country’s intentions, proclaiming that “the dollar is the past, the Yuan is the future.” Asbury predicted that this was a “shot across the bow, and should serve as a wake-up call to America that China is bent on world domination. It starts with China’s controlling the world’s energy supply.”

The best way to start the awakening process, according to Asbury, is to change the leadership in Washington. “We cannot live in a world where America becomes subservient to our Chinese masters,” concluded Asbury.
Returning to Truth for America was Edwin Black, New York Times best- selling author and lecturer. His most recent book is entitled “British Petroleum and the Redline Agreement.”

Black began the discussion by taking American media to task for not understanding China and its intention to become the “new fulcrum for energy in the world.”

“China is the leading consumer of energy, and that isn’t just oil, it’s also wind, solar, coal and nuclear. To help satisfy its energy needs China has formed alliances with Venezuela and the Mideast, and has the ability to redirect tankers to its country whenever they need to. In truth, China doesn’t need the U.S.” said Black.

Black also noted that China dominates the world in lithium production, which is vital to the production of all electronics. He believes that China wants to dominate the world’s supply of rare earth elements, and will go to any lengths, including coalitions with Bolivia and other nations.

According to Black, the word that best explains China’s approach to the rest of the world is “doctrinaire,” which essentially describes a person or nation who stubbornly holds to his or her philosophy or opinion regardless of its feasibility.

“When President Hu visits America, it is not to further China’s relationship with America, it’s more of a landlord looking over his property because the rent is overdue.”

Black believes that history is repeating itself, with America reprising the mistakes made by once mighty empires like Rome, England and the Ottoman Empire. These empires failed because they were distracted by over indulgence, which led to economic instability, and the ultimate loss of their sovereignty and position in the world.

Black points to oil as the reason that America’s sovereignty will be undermined. He recalls that during World War II oil became a potent weapon for Germany and this weapon united it with Arab countries that shared the Nazi’s hatred for Jews. Black thinks this same kind of hate is behind China’s ongoing mission to humiliate America by depriving America of the oil and energy products it needs. China has entered into agreements with Arab countries and those in Latin America who share a common hatred against the U.S.
Neal Asbury likened China’s desire to humiliate America to the 18th century when China itself was humiliated by the West during the infamous opium wars. He believes that China has waited a long time to revenge its humiliation and now wants to launch a strategic fight to control the world’s energy. “In China’s eyes, it must win no matter the cost,” said Asbury.

Black concurred and noted that “The U.S. needs to open its eyes to see what’s ahead. We don’t have the proper focus on what is happening. We’ve reached maximum velocity and we are speeding by without seeing reality. We’re like a runaway train with no one at the controls,” said Black.

Black says that some of the signs of America’s peril include: Arabs around the world equating America as the great Satan, the way they envisioned England when they occupied countries and installed their own king; the Arabs ultimately evicted the “infidels” and tightly controlled the world’s oil reserves; Arabs are recognizing that oil does not have finite power and so they are looking at other revenue streams; the Arab countries understand how to leverage their power over the world (the way the last oil embargo was engineered by Muammar al-Gaddafi because he was angry at Switzerland because they arrested his son).

“We’ve seen this power play with the Nazis, with the Arabs and now with China. They want to control the world. They hold America’s debt and they have an eviction notice in their back pocket for their back rent,” concluded Black.

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