Asbury’s Truth for America Doesn’t Think GOP Has a Candidate Pool Yet that Can Win in 2012

Harkening back to his start in radio when he and Rich Roffman discussed the issues of the day on Roffman’s radio show, Neal Asbury joined Rich in taking a look at the current candidates that may make a run for the GOP nomination in 2012.

Neal related a chance meeting with former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty at the Atlanta airport. While Neal hadn’t considered Pawlenty a viable GOP candidate, after his encounter, Neal found Pawlenty to be smart and engaging. “He thinks that the U.S. is an exceptional country and dismisses media that think America has lost its leadership position. He also is a supporter of small business.  I liked him and I think he has a good message,” related Asbury.

Roffman likes Donald Trump’s message and is impressed that Trump is willing to put $600 million of his own money into his campaign. “Trump isn’t intimidated by anyone and has the business and finance background, unlike our current President,” said Roffman.

Asbury added that he liked Trump’s candid reflection on George Bush, blaming his term in office as the impetus for allowing Obama to take the presidency for the Democrats.

In general, Roffman wants to see the GOP go down a different road, He thinks the GOP needs new candidates from the he current roster of “retreads,” who he thinks will polarize the GOP and Independents.  He thinks this could hand the presidency back to Obama.

“When you think about it, Obama and Sarah Palin are bookends of the political spectrum.  We are a centrist country and we need to get back to the center,” said Asbury.

Roffman liked Mitt Romney in 2008 and was disappointed that he didn’t go further in the nomination process.  He attributes his failure to his ill-fated healthcare plan in Massachusetts.  “He’s a good man and smart, but I don’t think he’ll get enough votes to win the general election,” said Roffman.

Asbury thinks that a Chris Christie/Marco Rubio ticket is unbeatable in 2012, but doesn’t think Christie will run until 2016.

Roffman would like to see Jeb Bush run and thinks he would make a great  candidate, although Bush, too, indicated he won’t run in 2012.

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