Republican Adviser Ron Kaufman: President Obama Driving Voters to Republican Party

Top Republican Adviser Ron Kaufman Credits President Obama with Driving Voters to the Republican Party

Making a return appearance on “Truth for America” was Ron Kaufman, who has served as an advisor over the last 25 years to Republican Presidents, Governors, Members of Congress and a host of elected and appointed officials at every level of government and today is affiliated with Dutko Worldwide.

“If you’re a Republican activist and you aren’t happy with the election trends we are seeing, you should shoot yourself,” said Kaufman. He predicts that the Republicans will pick up 45-50 House sets, 7-8 Senate seats, and 30 new governorships.

Kaufman is particularly excited about the projected Republican governorships because they will play a large role in the 2012 elections – especially in the Midwest industrial belt.

A big supporter of Mitt Romney, Kaufman said that after completing a book tour, Romney is devoting his time helping Republican candidates raise money and by making personal appearances. Kaufman believes that these “favors” will come in handy if Romney makes a Presidential bid in 2012.

Kaufman credits the current Republican “wave” to their starting early and exciting the party with strong, diverse candidates.
“To be honest, one of our best weapons is President Obama, who continues to push for unpopular programs that are driving voters to the Republican Party,” concluded Kaufman.

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3 Responses to “Republican Adviser Ron Kaufman: President Obama Driving Voters to Republican Party”
  1. Peggy Liskey says:

    I don’t agree with you republican’s, here in Michigan, we have no jobs, While you guys set around at your lunchens and big dinner partys, we, here in Michigan are out looking for jobs. I got hired but was also told I would only be given about 11 hours a week, Im not even getting that, and Im working for 7.40 an hour, now just what do you think I can do with this? Most of you ar bussiness owners, your not worried about how your bills are going to get payed, you guys think you know it all, well you don’t have a clue, whats the answer, you don’t have one do you. Bush put us in this mess Pres. Oboma is trying to get us out of it, I highly suggest some of you shut your mouths or come up with some good solid ideas, help or butt out

  2. theresa powell says:

    If republicans do not repeal the health care bill and you alow the dream act to pass ,Republicans will not be
    elected back into office in the next election i voted for republicans in November but I will not vote for you again if you do not keep your word.
    We can not put illegal imigrants ahead of Americans when are we going to stop rewarding illegal immigrants for breaking our laws?

  3. Withering Fire says:

    All of these partisan right-wingers are puppeteers.

    It is hilarious that they say Obama has to move more to the middle when he has spent the last two years compromising in the face of Republican obstruction.

    Obama has disillusioned his base by taking the public option off the table from day one re: healthcare; and more recently compromising on the tax deal, catching incredible heat from many in his own party. Yet all these right-wing morons say he is an incurable leftist– laughable.

    The Republicans and right-wingers are the most craven partisan and political hacks. First, they complained that the reason American health care has been such a mess because insureds had to pay for “freeloaders” who didn’t wanrt to pay for health insurance; now that healthcare has passed, the righties think that mandate is evil: ah, hello, the reason for the mandate is a sweetener-trade-off for the insurance companies who in return give up lifetime coverage limits and cherry-picking sick people off their “insurance”. Republicans always like to claim they are the party of personal responsibility; but this example proves that to be horse shit.

    Finally, everyone bitches about how they hate career professional politicians but then keep falling for the cynical garbage. The Republicans are the most craven, partisan, hypocritical outfit around; and for that they were richly rewarded–which shows the hypocrisy and gullibility of the American people as a whole.

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